I went to the V1 Engineering site and checked which components they used for their electronics. After all, I am presuming that my electrical setup can be identical to theirs. Then I went to the banggood website and selected those items I think that I will need.

Click on the pictures or links to be taken directly to the banggoods website. Note that on some links I may earn a referral fee.

  • An Arduino board suitable for shields. I ended up with this one

arduino board

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 documentation

PDF Documentation

  • A RAMPS v1.4 shield for the Arduino:

RAMPS board

Documentation from banggood

Reprap Documentation

I did order some jumpers with this board which was probably unnecessary as the board comes with 20 jumpers. If you look closely you can see that some pins have been bent durning shipping. But it does not seem to be of any significance.

  • A display and SD-card slot for the Arduino (LCD 12864):


Reprap Online documentation

  • The stepper driver (DRV8825):

Stepper driver

The heatsink is included with the driver.

If you clicked through to the banggoods website you may be wondering why I did not order a complete set like this. The reason is the drivers and the LCD screen. I wanted a bigger LCD screen, but especially I wanted a stepper motor driver capable of driving higher loads. For a 3-D printer the smaller drivers will be sufficient, but a CNC has to actually push the tool into the material, which I expect to translate into higher current consumption by the stepper motors. I also did order slightly stronger motors than usual.

  • The stepper motor (Nema17 59Ncm):

Stepper motor

Actually, the picture above is not of the correct motor, though it looks very similar. Banggood send me three motors, one of which was the wrong one, and that one was also damaged to the point of being unable to turn. If you look carefully you can see the damage just before the connector. After contacting banggood customer support and providing them with the necessary proof (pictures) they offered to send me a new one, of the correct type.

This leads me to a tip: At this time (March 2019) banggood shipped the ordered items in a plastic bag. Though they do wrap things up, the handling during transport must be quite ‘forcefull’ because all three motors lost their protective covering and were simply banging around in the plastic bag and damaging each other. It may be better not to order the motors together with other stuff. Because once a motor looses its protective covering, it will probably start damaging the other stuff in the same bag. In fact, I would not order a motor from banggood again, but rather order it from a local outlet (at a higher price) simply because of the potential damage.

  • Some heatsink glue:

Heatsink glue

  • A shock absorber for between the stepper motor and the stepper motor mounting bracket:

Shock absorber

  • Stepper motor mounting bracket:

Stepper mounting bracket

  • A power 24V supply:

Power supply

The stepping motors need a 24V power supply, this is the highest voltage in the system. The Arduino and Ramps board need 12V, for which I added a step-down converter from 24V to 12V.

  • A step down 24V to 12V converter:

Step down converter

That is the entire list. The next step is to mount these components on a breadboard and see if I can get the steppers stepping …

Btw the components do not have documentation with them, that must be found elsewhere on the internet.