Autodesk, the company behind Fusion360 has changed their terms-of-use. Most specifically they no longer offer a free-for-hobby license. You can get a free-for-one-year version though. And they also said that they will consider extending this time for some users.

As could be expected this has annoyed a good many people and quite a few of them say to have switched to a different software.

As I would love to switch to a Linux machine (in stead of the Mac I am currently using) I too was looking for another CAD/CAM package. And given that I have sampled FreeCAD before, I decided to give FreeCAD another try.

However after 4 days of trying to actually switch to FreeCAD I gave up. FreeCAD simply is not where Fusion360 is. If I had to use FreeCAD, I would probably do it, especially when starting on a new design. But transferring an existing (partly implemented) design to another package and then continue working on it is -imo- not advisable. Too many small differences in the approach make this near impossible.

So if I do not finish the current design in a year, I might well be forced to pay for another couple of months until ready. But that seems unlikely to me.