While trying to make my first steps in CAD design I ran into a few troubles. Nothing big, just the usual learning curve. However while searching for solutions (or quick tips) I found a few very good intro’s into CAD that use Fusion360 instead of FreeCAD.

And since Fusion360 is free for personal use, I had a go at it.

The first impression was quite positive. Partly due to the experience I had already gathered in FreeCAD. But even so, Fusion360 makes a much more mature impression.

But what really clinched the deal was a series of introduction videos into model RC plane design by RC CAD-2-CV.

I am now working through a series by Arnold Rowntree that aims to bring beginners with Fusion360 up to speed.

So, I will be ditching FreeCAD as my CAD tool of choice for Fusion360.