Another quick look at the model in Fusion360:


If this looks like a small change to you, then you probably have no experience modelling a CL-415 in Fusion360 ;-)

But joking aside, I think this is a good deal of progress. The fuselage itself was improved, the vertical and horizontal stabelizers have seen several iterations, and the wing plus wing-tip was added.

Also, the wing profile was redone. It turned out that the profile used in the first iteration (see previous post) did not have a real flat underside. Even though the Clark-Y profile is supposed to have a flat base. True, the difference was very small, but even small deviations can make modelling in Fusion360 (and probably all CAD systems) very difficult.

As said, the main wing uses the Clark-Y profile with 11.7% thickness. The stabelizers use NACA-0012, fully symmetrical 12% thickness.

Of course the same kind of rudder/elevator hinges are used as on the real model. Note that the model is skin only and does not really show the hinges just yet.

Onward to the floats and engine nacelleā€¦