Having a plan is one thing, its quite another to translate the plan into a list of items to be purchased. That took longer than expected, but I finally have a pdf parts list. Some of the plan is still TBD (to be defined) those parts I will have to make up as I go along. Most of these are due to changes I want to make upon the original plan. Like flaps, rudder, or attaching the nacelles to the wing permanently. I am also still unsure of the wing/fuselage coupling. There is no clear indication how this is done.

Btw: The pdf document will be updated continuously as the build progresses.

With the parts list in hand a map was created that maps each part onto a standard item that can be purchased.

This looks as follows:


(Click the image for a larger version)

The ordered items itself can be seen in the PDF parts list. In the present version there are two alternatives one with prices from the Balsabar shop and one from Balsabaum (both in germany).

However care should be taken when comparing prices. While the Balsabaum is slightly cheaper, this does not factor in the dimensional and quality differences. Still, prices were generally a bit lower in the Balsabaum shop. But the dimensions of the items in the Balsabar shop did match the dimensions of the plan better, making for less work when creating the parts. So in the end it’s a toss imo. (I went for less work…)

The order has been placed, and should arrive next week.