A look at the end result of phase 1:


All faces have been defined, resulting in a complete looking model. True, I did not put any ‘make-up’ on the model, so it looks rather unassuming. But the purpose of phase 1 was to fully define all faces that will be used in phase 2 for sizing/cutting the internal structure.

And as an aside, it was also intended to familiarize myself with Fusion 360.

To see it from all sides, see this video. (It does contain a few “print-throughs” and glitches)

With phase 1 out of the way, its time to finish the CNC macine. Once that is done phase 2 will be started. Though I have to say that the shed is quite cold now… so I may occasionally be unable to resist the temptation to stay warm and start on phase 2 before the CNC machine is fully operational.

Just in case you are interested, the CNC build is blogged about on http://starbase55.com/cnc.