After the fuselage, work has progressed on the wing:





The offset flaps are seen quite clearly. The flaps extend (as in the image) to -45 degrees. The ailerons are placed at their max of +25 degrees. They can move to -45 degrees also.


The float gave the most problems so far, though the nacelle will probably also be quite difficult. At least the experience gained by the float can be used.

I am creating a few rules for myself to manage the Loft command:

  • Try not to use rails. Rails seem to act as attractors for every point in the face or body that is lofted. Which is fine when lofting, say, a tent. But is horrible when trying to extrapolate a body shape between two formers.
  • Try to avoid splines, but if splines cannot be avoided, use the same number of spline control points in each spline (profile or rail)

Once a face can be constructed the ‘thicken’ command is not always useable. Though I am not sure yet, it may be related to the radius of curvature. When this is smaller than the thicken value, the thicken may fail. As I said, I am not sure of this yet.

On to the nacelles…