I have mentioned a book in the first post: “Les Bombardiers d’eau CANADAIR Scoopers” and at the time I wrote that I did not have that book.

That has changed. For my birthday I received it and have now also read it. I like it a lot, it gives a great many details about the history of the plane and contains lots of beautiful pictures.

For a RC-designer/builder it does not contain much unique material. The pictures can also be found on the net, so… you don’t really need the book for that. Still the pictures are quite good, do show details, and I like having them on paper instead of staring into a screen.

The best resource for builders it contains (imo) is the “color & markings” section that shows the coloring schemes for the different countries & companies that fly (flew) the CL-415. That section is awesome and easily justifies the price of the book.

The book is bilingual English and French. It is not a very big book with only 65 pages but the historic information is exhaustive, including a production list. The pages are big though, approximately 32 x 23 cm which of course allows for nice big photographs.

The cover:


The book can be ordered from: editions minimonde 76

Prices today (Sept 15, 2020) are €19,90 for the book and €4 to €4,50 for shipping.