Ok, more delay?

Yes and no… I have decided to make this project my first project in which I will use a CNC to cut the parts.

Will this cause more delay?… yes. In the sense that the CL415 would be flying sooner without it. But in the overall scheme of things, I do believe that the benefits outweighs this drawback.

I have to acknowledge the fact that I am not getting younger, and especially my eyesight is not improving. Reading without glasses has become impossible (but anything beyond 4 feet is still razor sharp), and I find that doing accurate (sub)millimeter work has become very tedious.

So I have decided to delegate the precision work to a machine.

This does mean that I will have to build a CNC machine also. But there is a fair amount of information on that topic, thus while it will take some time, it should not be too difficult.

I will document my adventure into CNC land on another blog: http://starbase55.com/cnc

The first post is scheduled for the 1st of April (no joke!). From then on there should be regular posts on the construction. In the beginning there will be a series of daily posts, but after a few days that should slacken to updates when progress only.

This blog will pick up whenever I do something specific for the CL415.