Spend most of the afternoon studying the plans. Trying to draw up a parts list and generally finding things out about the construction.

A few things stand out right now:

  1. The construction is rather simple, and I have the distinct impression that it does not take ‘scale’ very seriously. But it will be recognisable as a CL-415, thus I am not complaining.
  2. It does not have a rudder. While that is not necessary, I am thinking I will add one.
  3. It does not have flaps either. But it seems to me that flaps would really come in handy when making a ‘more natural’ touchdown in water.
  4. There seems to be some rigging for a water drop container?. If not for that, then I really do not have a clue what the parts 39 and 40 are for.
  5. The nacelles are detachable. Nice, but not really necessary(?). A removable top half for maintenance would be nice though. And that seems to be possible with little effort.
  6. The construction is rather robust, so there is room for optimisation concerning weight. Don’t know if I will do so though.
  7. There is lots of room in the vertical stabiliser for servo’s. I could swap some weight savings in the tail for a more direct control of the elevator and rudder.