Of course one should always be carefull when saying ‘final’, but I like following flap design:


The flap is a little smaller than the previous one, and the top is rounder (the hump is gone). While I do not have any numerical data the design seems similar to both the real one and to the visuals in the videos that were referenced in the previous flaps post.

Here are the pictures that show how the flaps will look like when extended:


Flaps at 15 degrees


Flaps at 30 degrees


Flaps at 45 degrees

The hinge point is closer to the wing to prevent the slot from becoming unreasonably big.

The thickness of the wing at the point of the flaps is approximately 26mm, which is big enough to mount the control rods internally.

The intention is to hinge the flaps at 4 points like the real one. But it is not sure yet if they will be distributed like the real one. This because of the placing of the ribs. Keeping the same spacing as on the real one would require extra ribs (or parts of the ribs). In the motor/prop calculations that were made it was checked what would happen if the weight comes out a little high, and that was not too bad. So there is at least the option of mounting them realistically.